the product of a hippy and a gypsy falling in lust

Anonymous said: What lipstick are you wearing in that photo of you at work in your uniform?

So funny you should ask, I lost it last night at work. waaahhh

I filled in my entire lips with a MAC lip pencil - the shade is WHIRL

I then go over it with MAC lipstick, however even more unfortunate for me, I can’t remember if it was the Viva Glam V or VI Lustre or Viva Glam II Satin.

Get me out of here
Have you ever felt like you’ve fallen off of the face of the planet, then one day you wake up and there you are, right back on the planet?? Though this night wasn’t really a Get Back night, Brian and I were at Beauty Bar for the TR/ST show and when we stepped out back for.. if only I could even remember, I was charmed with happiness from nostalgic memories. 
Dirty mismatched Mexican restaurant ladies room, you exerted the best selfie
This book is so rad! You must get your copy of BAD GIRLS asap!! 
You can purchase it online at:
or stop by the store itself if you’re here in Las Vegas, and keep up to date with the author herself via instagram @ vorrtex or her tumblr:
Not good weather for tryna get my tan on
Where ur real friends at?!?!