the product of a hippy and a gypsy falling in lust


At this moment on Monday morning, I had just been robbed. Though I am very lucky and grateful that I’m in one piece, the playback of the chain on my purse breaking from being pulled off of my body is on repeat. The feelings attached to this short repetitive film.
Before I left my house for the night, I happened to take out all of my cash except around $50 & my brand new Stella’s. Leaving only a few things that I would need for the night.
Me being that crazy lady that’s all about everything happening for a reason & the people in your life are there for a meaning as well, I can’t help but think the universe had this planned out for me. If my purse had had more value into it, would I have reacted differently than I did? I don’t think so, but who knows. As twisted as this may come off, maybe this was my awakening to realize that I can’t do everything by myself, it’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to ask someone to walk you to your car because you’re a girl and it’s 3am. And always trust your intuition. Even if you’re wrong that chance that you could be right is worth rather being safe than sorry

rich 🌙 soul
This concert was amazing✨ trials of the past was the first song I’ve ever heard from sbtrkt & to this day it’s still my favorite. Bummed it wasn’t in the set list.
downtown summerlin
The Drums
east coast feel me

Anonymous said: What type of personality would you say you had? Reserved, outgoing, introverted, extroverted, bitch, "too nice", somewhere in between?

All of the above.